Reasons to Have a Backup Pair of Glasses

Reasons to have a backup pair of glasses:

1.) Accidents happen. You sit on them, you roll over them with your car (true story!), or just flat out lose them. Getting a pair of eyeglasses at the last minute can be tricky with certain prescriptions – and even more so if you want specialty lenses. Selecting glasses ahead of time before an emergency happens, that you actually like, will be one of the best choices you ever made.

2.) Sometimes you just want a little color. So maybe I stayed out a little late last night, so I want to wear rimless frames at work today to avoid drawing too much attention to my incredibly tired eyes. But after ten cups of coffee, my eyes are ready and I want those babies to pop! Out come the colorful frames for me that scream “Look at me – I’m fabulous!”

3.) You normally wear contacts. If you can’t wear your contacts (you ran out, you have an eye infection, allergies, dry eyes), having an updated pair of prescription glasses will allow you to not miss a beat with your day-to-day activities. And did you know that if you buy a year supply of contacts that we’ll make you a backup pair of glasses for half the cost?*

4.) You have an old pair of glasses as your backup. It can be a headache when the prescription in your glasses doesn’t match the prescription for your contacts. Literally. Using an old prescription can make your vision blurry, cause eyes strain, give you headaches or just make you plain dizzy.

5.) Have you ever attempted to play your favorite sport while wearing your glasses? Many times we have to decide between the risk of them being knocked off or broken and going in blind (let’s be honest, most of us are pretty competitive and would rather risk the loss of a pair of glasses over having to listen to Uncle Mark gloat about how he’s “still got it” because he won). Why not have a pair of sports frames made with durable material like polycarbonate? This means that if you happen to knock the glasses off during the play, they are less likely to break or have any damage.

6.) You sit in front of a computer all day. Those that work long hours on a computer could benefit from investing in a pair of computer glasses. These glasses aid in preventing eyestrain, as they are designed specifically for the distance at which you view a computer monitor. They can cut down on glare and blue light, too.

7.) You spend time outdoors. Many people that wear glasses try to “tough out” staring into the blinding sunlight because they can’t wear generic sunglasses you can pick up from any given corner store. Why not get a pair of prescription sunglasses? Not only will you look stylish, you’ll be protecting your eyes from hazardous UV radiation and the advancement of cataracts down the road.

*Certain exclusions apply. Contact our office for details.


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